Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program – Barbados Administration of Justice Program

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program – Barbados Administration of Justice Program


 ADR Technical Assistance, ADR Training

 May 2009 – May 2010

In an effort to expand access to justice in Barbados, the government awarded a one year contract aimed promoting mediation to ADR Center. The main objectives of the were to:

  • Customize a court-annexed alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program for the justice sector of Barbados, and
  • Establish mediation as a sustainable alternative to resolving civil and commercial cases that are appropriate for mediation

This project, implemented solely by ADR Center, involved intensive ADR promotion activities designed to build ADR capacity and demand through training and enhanced case referral by judges. ADR Center worked with the Judiciary and the Judicial Council of Barbados to design, coordinate, and implement the project activities, which included various trainings on mediation (addressing basic, advanced, mediation advocacy, family mediation, peer mediation, community mediation, court-annexed ADR).

To ensure sustainability of ADR in the community, ADR Center implemented “train the trainer” courses that allowed local lawyers and business people to be trained as mediators and judges to use these mediators to refer cases for mediation. ADR Center established standards and a suitable process for certification and evaluation of mediators and trainers of mediation. ADR center also conducted workshops for judges, magistrates, attorneys and members of civil society organizations that enabled judges to review the success and challenges of cases that were referred to ADR and to further evaluate the efficiency efforts to promote mediation in Barbados.



  • Drafted comprehensive ADR Guidance Procedures for the Judiciary and the Bar
  • Drafted a proposal for a mediation act for Barbados
  • Designed training programs, materials, and curriculums of ADR mechanisms and provided on-going technical assistance to implement effective ADR institutions
  • Worked with numerous and diverse stakeholders, with a focus on the users’ communities


  • Delivered over 400 hours of training activities for judges, magistrates, lawyers and business people on mediation.
  • This ADR Project has been successful at strengthening the foundation for ADR to be used in Barbados. Legal professionals now have access to all the materials they would require to utilize extensively ADR procedures.


Justice Improvement Programme Secretariat Office of the Attorney General (funded by the Inter – American Development Bank)



For further information please contact the Project Secretariat at:

ADR Center – Barbados

1st Floor Goding House, Spry Street – Bridgetown (Barbados)

Phone: +1 (246) 426-2019 – Fax: +1 (246) 427 8061

E-mail: – Web site:

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