Assesment & analysis

Assesment & Analysis

ADR Center has become a European and global leader in delivering high quality assessment and analysis work. Our assessment and analysis work ranges from small-scale studies of a country’s ADR and legal aid system to larger, significant studies of for example the impact of the mediation directive on all 27 EU member states. ADR Center has designed and conducted assessments, surveys and studies across many different sectors and countries.


We have successfully completed several prominent and highly praised surveys and studies for the European Parliament on the topics of mediation and access to justice. Our team and our experts are proficient in the preparation of well-structured assessments and studies that meet client needs. We are known for the high quality and innovative nature of our analysis work and have been invited around the globe to discuss many of our study results.


We offer a full range of assessment and analysis services, including:

  • Drafting concept notes
  • Undertaking feasibility studies
  • Assessments, including institutional, compliance and legal
  • Constructing frameworks for projects including the identification of objectives, expected results, activities, indicators, and risk assessments
  • Undertaking stakeholder and social assessments
  • Political and Legal Analysis, such as formal studies of the state of mediation or access to justice in a country or a region



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